Windmill energy Govt allocates 800 acres of land

Sindh Government has allocated 800 acres of land in Nooriabad district Jamshoro for setting up two windmill energy projects with objective to overcome the energy crisis and provide electricity to the people on cheap rates.

The Commissioner Hyderabad Qazi Shahid Pervez informed this while presiding over a meeting with the officers of concerned departments at his offce.

He informed that a project will be established at 500 acres of land while the other will be set up at 300 acres land and the completion of these two projects will not only fulfill the energy requirements in Nooriabad and its outskirts with cheap prices, but will also provide job opportunities to local people.

In order to achieve the task of the windmill policy of Sindh Government, the Commissioner informed that a committee has been formed with representations of Commissioner Officer, Land Utilization Department, Director Land Record, Director General Mineral Mines, Windmill Power and Crash Plan to conduct the survey of the allotted land for the projects.

The said committee will conduct survey and submit its report in the meeting which will be held on July 29, 2016 the Commissioner informed and added that after review of the report of the committee, further decisions will be made in this direction.