Winder Dam Project will irrigate 10000 acres land

With the cost of Rs 15.230 billion, the construction of Winder Dam project will irrigate 10,000 acres of agriculture land in Balochistan. This project will be executed on behalf of Irrigation Department of Balochistan government and financed by Federal Government. The documentation of project reveals that it will be implemented in four years. The core objective of project is to irrigate 10,000 acres of agriculture land with average cropping intensity of 82 percent. The construction of lined water sources will improve socio economic conditions of communities living in and around the project areas.

The physical features depicted contains the construction of 40-m high and 1,452-m long earth core rock filled type dam with live storage of 46,724 Ac-ft, gated control Ogee type spillway and 20.5 kms long irrigation canal.  The feasibility study of Winder Dam was carried out by WAPDA through a consultant firm.