Injection of RLNG creating higher UFG in the system

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) is seeking to recover Rs 12 billion due to higher Unaccounted for Gas (UFG) caused by the injection of imported RLNG in the system.

Before the commissioning of dedicated RLNG pipeline, M/s SSGCL was fully consuming all RLNG into its distribution network at Karachi and was diverting indigenous gas to M/s SNGPL. Due to difference of gross calorific value (GCV)/heating value and specific gravity of the RLNG and indigenous gas, the mixed utilization of gas within the M/s SSGCL system resulted into higher unaccounted for gas (UFG) specifically in Karachi region. The SSGCL has claimed an amount of Rs 12 billion up to financial year 2017-18 in the determination of ERR of 2017-18.

The flow of RLNG from first LNG terminal of M/s EETPL commenced in end-March 2015 and, however, necessary infrastructure was non-existent at that time to transmit the RLNG from Port Qasim Karachi to Lahore where the intended consumption centers are located. Keeping in view this operational constraint at that time, it was decided that imported RLNG will be utilized within the Sindh province and equivalent energy units of indigenous gas will transferred to M/s SNGPL by SSGCL from various indigenous gas fields.