We need to be positive to get positive outcomes

Engr. Khalid Pervez, Chief Executive, KPA Consulting shares his thoughts with Engineering Post

Although pandemic situation in the country has turned the business environment apparently critical but, we can ease the situation by focusing on the positive side. These views were shared by the leading consultant and respected professional Engr. Khalid Pervez while talking to Engineering Post on current economic situations in the country. He is strongly of the view that these are the testing times and we should stand upright avoiding panic and considering this phase temporary, albeit a bit longer, but to certainly go away in due course of time.  Although lockdown amid Covid 19 has brought the industrial wheel to a halt, still we need to be hopeful and should look for the opportunities that Allah SWT has planned for us.

He commented that industrial sector should seriously consider the services rendered by their employees for years before planning to lay them off. This temporary economic crisis is a chain effect and businesses should not transfer the adversity completely to their much economically fragile employees and associates as this might be the test of uprightness and compassionate thinking. He appreciated efforts made by Government to avoid layoffs and suggested that industries and organizations must take the benefit from State Bank in the shape of its timely announced soft loans offered for paying the salaries to employees.

Replying to a question regarding business in the coming days, Engr. Khalid Pervez said that the business style would now change and companies with diversifies experiences will be able to survive better and can come out of the bad effects bit earlier. Whatever work one is in, every company would have to have a strong grip on their products and services as expertise on your work will count more and more, he added. We need to work professionally by regularly improving the standards of our products and services.

Engr. Khalid Pervez is strongly of the view that looking at the matters positively can yield positive outcomes. He suggested to avoid panic and wait as the time will change again. The industrialists and businessmen having consistent approach towards their work will enjoy the benefits while those who will exhibit uncertain approach and be carried away by apparent gloomy outlook would have great difficulties.

This is now the best time for our engineering industry and service sector to brainstorm its survival and progress strategies and the most beneficial options it has in a long-term context. We must also address the issue of compliance with international standards and best engineering practices in whatever we do, Engr. Khalid added.  This would help us to stand on our feet and would also lead to promote the professional expertise of the technical workforce in the country. He suggested to take the benefit of the situation.

While replying to a question on how the businesses should respond in these times, Engr. Khalid Pervez clearly stated that we should not be demoralized and trust Allah as He will bring us out of the situation. Allah has committed that there is an ease after every difficulty. All we need to do is to be patient, avoid panic and expect a positive outcome. Times are tough but with time the business volumes will,  InshaAllah, return to their level again.