WB to provide Rs 32.2 billion for Rs 33.600 billion CLICK project

The Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved the Competitive and Liveable City Karachi (CLICK) project at a cost of Rs 33.600 billion out of which Rs 32.200 billion will be provided by World Bank (WB) on loan.

The following are main components of the project: (i) performance-based block grants to local councils and capacity building ($ 160 million) which includes sub-projects of rehabilitation of roads, food paths, street lights, parks, playground, public toilets, tree plantation, drainage etc; (ii) improvement and modernization of urban property tax system $ 40 million; (iii) improvement of city competitiveness and business environment $ 20 million; and (iv) technical assistance for solid waste management $ 10 million.

Karachi contributes 15 percent to the national GDP, which is the largest share of national tax revenues, industrial employment, manufacturing and high-end-services. According to a recent survey it is listed among the five least liveable cities in the world, ranked 137 out 140. CLICK project is aimed at making the metropolis more liveable.