WAPDA Seeking Rs316.6bn for water and power related projects

WAPDA Seeking Rs316.6bn for water and power related projects

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has demanded Rs316.6bn for water and power projects under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2020-21.

The water sector projects have been divided into 3 categories according to priorities. First priority projects include (i) Mangla Dam raising-Rs 867 million; (ii) Gomal Zama Dam- Rs 7 billion; (iii) Darwat Dam- Rs 1.662 billion; (iv) Kacchi canal- Rs 4.295 billion (phase-1 part-A); (v) Rainee Canal (phase-1)- Rs 2.249 billion; (vi) Balochistan effluent disposal into RBOD-Rs 1.443 billion; and (vii) lining of Muzaffargar and TP Link Canals-Rs 687 million.

The second priority projects are: (i) Kurram Tangi Dam (stage-1) – Rs 6.192 billion; and (ii) Nai Gaj Dam-Rs 10.800 billion.

The third priority projects are (i) Naulong Dam-Rs 3.5 billion; (ii) Kachhi canal project( phases-1-Part B) remaining work (irrigated area 30,000 acres-Rs 12 billion); and (iii) feasibility study, detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents of Murunj dam project-Rs 200 million.

Furthermore Wapda has sought Rs 139.796 billion for 15 Power related projects which include: (i) Golan Gol Project-Rs 1.003 billion; (ii) Tarbela 4th Extension- Rs 5.057 billion; (iii) Naleem Jhelum hydropower project-Rs 18.069 billion; (iv) Dasu Hydropower Project Rs 85.374 billion; (v) Keyal Khwar project-Rs 1.958 billion; (vi) Tarbela 5th extension- Rs 12.491 billion; (vii) refurbishment and upgradation of generation units Mangla- Rs 9.905 billion; (viii)Warsak Hydroelectric power station 2nd rehabilitation- Rs 4.350 billion; (ix) Chitral HPS capacity enhancement-Rs 263 million; (x) rehabilitation of Dargai HPS- Rs 150 million; (xi) Dudhnial Dam Project (feasibility study)-Rs 190 million; (xii) Patten Hydropower (feasibility study)- Rs 160 million; (xiii) Establishment of Hydropower Training Institute Mangla-Rs 155 million; (xiv ) establishment of glacier monitoring network- Rs 580 million; and (xv) Ghazi Barotha Hydropower project (feasibility)-Rs 101 million.