Üntes: A Journey of Growth and Innovation Since 1968

Engineering Post in conversation with Mr. Serkan, Sales Director, International Market, UNTES, Turkey

Can you tell us about the history and growth of Üntes since its establishment in 1968?

Untes is a powerful brand with superb R&D facilities which has been producing class leading products since 1968 in Ankara, Turkey to produce industrial fans. In 1973 it has converted itself to focus on both comfort air conditioning and industrial segment. Today it is among the leading companies in the air-conditioning sector with its 400 employees and its factories located in Ankara.

Can you describe the product groups that Üntes produces and their main features?

Below list of the products guide of Untes’s core products being one of the most extensive product ranges as follows:

Air Handling Units

Hygienic Air Handling Units and Hygienic Systems

Fan Coil Units and Control Systems

DX Rooftops Packaged Units

Water Chillers and Heat Pumps Systems

What are the challenges and opportunities for Üntes in the current market?

The main goal of Üntes is to achieve sustainable success and growth in nearly 60 countries we serve. We aim to grow permanently by cooperating with the strongest and most honest companies in all markets we currently serve similar to Pakistan. The biggest challenge in local markets is generally tough competition conditions. However, Alhamdulillah we overcome these difficulties by cooperating with our customers who are looking for quality products and services

How does Üntes differentiate itself from its competitors in terms of quality and customer service?

We provide integrated air conditioning systems and for the commercial and industrial buildings, differentiated through innovation and service and delivered with a total customer focused attitude. It is our priority to be customer-oriented first and foremost, we have created this strategy to ensure the continuity of our cooperation with our partners.

Can you tell us about Üntes’ manufacturing processes and quality control standards?

We are working to provide the most updated international standards in all our product groups and production facilities. Our products have the most valid certificates, especially Eurovent and AHRI.

Apart from these certificates, we test our products before delivering them to our customers as well. We are pleased to regularly host our partners and customers in our laboratories.

What is your opinion on Business in Pakistan?

As Untes, we have been in Pakistan for about 10 years. We have been working with the right partner Mecatech for the last 5-6 years. Relations between the two countries are at their strongest in history. We look at Pakistan as a friendly and brotherly country and are extremely pleased with the progress.

Can you please describe Untes partnership with Mecatech and the result which you have achieved over these years?

We have been working strongly with Mecatech for about 6 years. It has a highly professional and enthusiastic team. Especially in the last 3-4 years, we have undertaken very serious projects. They have extremely strong customer ties and we are extremely happy to work with them.

Can you describe the company’s future goals and plans for growth in general and Pakistan in particular?

We want this situation to get stronger and we look at Pakistan as our second home. Our aim is to work more effectively and become even stronger. We are looking for opportunities for some strategic cooperation as the economies of 2 countries become more effective.