Haroon Impex introducing Cutting Edge plumbing solutions in Pakistan

In conversation with Haroon Amin Sheikh, Managing Partner Haroon Impex

Haroon Impex is a renowned import trading company, led by Managing Partner Haroon Amin Sheikh along with his son Asim Haroon Sheikh. With a primary goal of introducing ground breaking technology that was not available locally, the company established itself as a leader in the industry by introducing latest innovations from around the world. Haroon Impex became the first company to introduce low noise POLYPROPYLENE pipes in Pakistan, this sewerage piping system withstands high temperatures and are commonly used in high-rise buildings and industries. In comparison to the locally used UPVC pipes, Haroon Impex’s GF SILENTA PREMIUM PP pipes excel in durability and performance under challenging conditions. According to Haroon Amin Sheikh, “Our SILENTA PREMIUM pipes are designed to withstand high temperatures and are soundproof, making them the ideal choice for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical industries, Labs, Food processing industry, textile and chemical industries, High rise buildings, mixed used buildings, shopping centres and luxurious residences.”

Additionally, Haroon Impex offers a wide range of PPR pipes for hot & cold water supply.  The company also provides new generation PP-RCT pipes, a superior product sourced from George Fischer, TURKIYE. These pipes are optimal for temperatures up to 95 degrees centigrade, exhibit extremely low thermal expansion, and have a higher flow rate due to SDR-9 Dimensions while sustaining PN-22 nominal pressure standard. Haroon Impex takes pride in importing premium quality materials that are internationally certified, meeting the stringent requirements for high-rise buildings and complex structures. According to Haroon Amin Sheikh, “Our PPR-CT pipes are developed with technology of George Fischer Switzerland and provide unmatched performance, with no thermal expansion, high temperature sustainability, and excellent flow rate.”

Another premium product is non-return valves for sewage lines. These valves play a vital role in preventing rodents from entering the sewage system and stopping rainwater backflow during monsoon season.

Looking towards the future, Haroon Impex has ambitious plans to develop an extensive dealership network across Pakistan. This strategic expansion will allow them to reach a wider customer base and ensure efficient distribution of their specialized products.

Despite challenges such as import bans, Haroon Impex is adept at managing imports and ensuring a steady supply of their high-quality products. With over 50 years of experience and third generation carrying business, Haroon Impex holds a strong reputation, Haroon Impex has been the preferred choice for customers in Pakistan. Haroon Amin Sheikh believes that healthy competition drives the market to deliver good products at competitive prices. According to Sheikh, “Competition is always beneficial as it encourages us to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.”

Driven by their commitment to excellence, Haroon Impex has been consistently increasing its market share year after year. Their future plans include expanding their market presence and leveraging their dealership network to benefit other markets as well.

Haroon Impex’s focus on introducing cutting-edge technology in Pakistan’s plumbing industry has earned them a reputation for providing innovative / High End solutions. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in a loyal customer base that trusts their products and services.