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Comprehensive Solutions for Power Quality Improvement: Jubilee Corporation Offers Nancal Electric in Pakistan

Power quality issues in industries arise due to non-linear loads such as DC drives, VFDs, welding equipment, switching mode power supplies, PC and peripheral devices and more. These non-linear loads cause harmonic distortion, low power factor and three-phase unbalancing.

Jubilee Corporation offers innovative solutions to these problems through its partnership with Nancal Electric – a leading provider of power electronics and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Their Active Power Filters (APFs) and Static VAR Generators (SVGs) offer cutting-edge technology for harmonic elimination up to the 61st order.

APFs and SVGs are power electronics devices that work on the principle of Digital Signal Processing to compensate power quality problems in complex electrical networks. The Active Power Filter detects the load current through external CTs and analyzes harmonic components of the load current by the DSP controller. Compared to the load current harmonic, APF injects a current with the same amplitude and opposite direction to the source to eliminate current harmonics. Similarly, a Static VAR Generator detects load current through external CTs and analyzes reactive components of the load current by the DSP controller. It then compensates the reactive load current to meet the target power factor.

Recent installations of Nancal’s power quality solutions in Pakistan have demonstrated their remarkable performance in harmonic filtration and power factor correction. The JC team offers comprehensive solutions for enhancing power quality, from pre-sale services like on-site analysis to after-sale support like one-on-one communication for monitoring the installed solution.

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