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Cosmix Engineering: Delivering Comprehensive HVACR Solutions

Globally air conditioning system buyers has shifted their focus on most energy efficient Air-conditioning systems, not only due to high energy cost, but also now it is necessary to cater future climate change challenges and reduce the carbon foot prints and global warming impact to save our generations and this beautiful globe. Beside the requirement of energy efficiency, the Air-conditioning system also needed to be reliable operation and long life. Among the available air conditioning systems, the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, has gained popularity not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. AUX VRF is now the most popular VRF system globally, AUX manufacturer their Air-conditioning system on Japanese robotic plant through Japanese R&D, providing the premium air conditioning solutions worldwide, focusing on energy efficiency and reliability.

In a recent interview with an Engineering Post, Mr. Zeeshan Ashraf, the CEO of Cosmix Engineering, highlighted his company’s expertise and experience. Cosmix Engineering is renowned for its comprehensive range of services, which encompass equipment supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and after-sales support. The company’s primary goal is to surpass client expectations by consistently delivering top-notch services.

In VRF systems, most common issue we face is about leakages, and this leakage issues necessitate careful selection of copper pipes. Instead of focusing on a specific brand, we prioritize gauges due to compromised quality observed in copper pipes from different brands. We inform the brands that we have no preference and are open to using any copper pipes as long as the gauges are consistent and in accordance with the standard type, such as the K type standards. We strengthened the copper pipe by creating overlapping joints measuring between 12 and 25 mm during the brazing process. This technique increased the pipe’s strength and made the brazing points more durable. Additionally, we implemented improvements within the pipe to manage the expansion and contraction that happens over long lengths.

Cosmix Engineering implemented eco-friendly measures to reduce carbon emissions during copper brazing by using acetylene gas instead of LPG and nitrogen elimination. Their installations have remained leak-free for up to 7 years due to stringent quality requirements and expertise. We have successfully completed projects at different locations including Millennium Mall, Quetta and collaborated with esteemed clients like SOORTY. Installation quality is crucial in VRF systems to prevent common issues such as leakages resulting from neglected outdoor coil filter cleaning. Equipment durability and improved specifications are also essential. Protecting refrigerant-fueled inverter carts from ambient impacts and voltage fluctuations within plus or minus 20%, improves their lifespan. Improving the encoding of the coding body is also important for optimal performance.

To ensure quality, obtaining certifications from international quality certification agencies like Eurovent, AHRI, or EUV Australia is important. AUX has acquired certifications from international quality certification agencies and established itself as a reliable brand. Cosmix Engineering, as the distributor, provides comprehensive services without additional charges and offers the highest warranty of 3 years for PCBs and 5 years for compressors. Cosmix Engineering leads in this regards.

To encourage innovation and foreign investment in Pakistan’s HVACR industry, the government should establish industrial parks near Gwadar and offer inexpensive land and long-term leases to local manufacturers. The government should also provide special subsidies to HVACR manufacturers and establish a deadline for at least three companies to meet global standards.

In the end of discussion, he expresses his perspective on the upcoming HVACR event, Zeeshan Ahmed and his team’s chosen theme for The HVACR Society’s initiative is impressive. The “Made in Pakistan” theme aims to promote locally manufactured HVACR products, stimulate industry growth, and showcase the capabilities of Pakistani manufacturers.