Brothers Air conditioning Leading the lot through professional services

Brother Air Conditioning was founded in 2004 by Humair Ahmed who have extensive service experience on Carrier and York commercial and industrial HVACR products.

In the beginning, it was fully focused on service operation and repair of air conditioning units. Our valued customer base encompasses a diverse range of commercial and industrial clients with various HVACR equipment needs. We also excel in supplying spare parts for all major HVACR brands available in the Pakistani market. Our team comprises highly competent and trained professionals equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to address any HVACR-related challenges. Our aim is to be the leading HVACR solution provider from supply to operation. We aim to provide turnkey projects to customers to cater to the requirement of general HVACR to process cooling systems in the industry.

Over the years, we have expanded our operations by augmenting our technical staff and acquiring essential facilities such as workshops. We specialize in large tonnage chiller services like centrifugal chiller compressor overhaul, enhancements, upgrades, and retrofits.

Additionally, we possess extensive experience in overhauling screw compressors and reciprocating compressors. Our team is proficient in programming all chiller control systems in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and procedures.

Furthermore, we take pride in our specialization as one of the select few suppliers of high-quality used chillers sourced from Europe. These chillers undergo meticulous technical inspection and testing before being offered to our local market. Leveraging our extensive experience, we carefully select used chillers that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our services encompass the entire process, from importation to on-site commissioning, ensuring the seamless delivery of fully operational chillers.

Looking ahead, Brother Air Conditioning aims to expand its operations by establishing a local manufacturing facility that adheres to the highest standards of equipment production. This endeavor will enable us to cater to a wide array of HVACR applications based on the unique requirements of our valued customers.

Foreign Customer:

1.      Kocken Energy System, Canada

2.      Al Salem York, Saudi Arabia

3.      Johnson Control, Dubai UAE

4.      District Cooling, Dubai UAE

5.      M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group, Dubai UAE

6.      Alokozay Beverages, Afghanistan

7.   Flaktwood LLC

Local Customers:

  1. Institute Of Business Administration
  2. Pakistan State Oil Company Limited
  3. National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA)
  4. Qasim International Container Terminal Pakistan Limited
  5. Procter & Gamble Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
  6. The Centre Shopping Mall
  7. Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited
  8. Young’s (Private) Limited
  9. Utopia Industries
  10. Qasim Banquet
  11. Nexlinx Networks (Private) Limited
  12. Swiss Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd
  13. Mezan Beverages Pvt Limited
  14. Hashim Medical City Hospital (Hyderabad)
  15. Popular Foils & Metals (Pvt) Ltd.
  16. Popular Aseptic Packaging (Pvt.) Limited
  17. Popular Juice Industries (Pvt) Limited
  18. Martin Dow Marker Limited
  19. Health Tek (Pvt.) Limited
  20. And many more


1.      Designing, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Process Cooling and Air Conditioning at Converting Plant of Popular Foils and Metal Pvt. Ltd.

2.   Designing, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of HVAC System at Zia Moheyuddin Theater, NAPA

3.      Supply of Water Cooled Chillers for Process Cooling and Air Conditioning a combined capacity of 1440 Tons at Popular Aseptic Packaging, Nooriabad.