MyTech Engineering, a leading brand in the engineering solutions market

Mr. Rehan Saleem, Head of Projects Mechanical  at MyTech Engineering

MyTech Engineering is a major name working in the feild of engineering solutions since 2016. They have been striving to provide their clients with the best quality products and services consistently, achieving unbroken trust and reliability of their customers. The company deals in all sorts of engineering solutions including fire protection system, HVAC system, chillers, cooling tower, PE piping, fire safety items, ducting systems and RO plants. They specialise in providing the best MEP/PEC solutions all over the market.

Engineering Post interviewed the head of projects mechanical  MyTech Engineering, Mr. Rehan Saleem who is responsible for the system designing, implementation and supervision of the projects all across the country from Gawadar to Gilgit Baltistan.

MyTech, being a big name in the engineering solutions market, has provided their services to all local and multinational companies also provide services for Sindh Government, Balochistan Government, Police and the military. The company has worked for the installation of HVAC and fire safety systems with some of the most prominent organisations including Agha Khan hospital, Indus Pharma, K Electric, SSGC Hyderabad, Police Headquarters, Fauji Fertilizers, Sindh Government finance department and data centre, Parking plaza in Lahore, Quetta safe city project , Dow Medical college,PAF base nawabshah, navy and army buildings and projects.

According to Mr. Rehan, MyTech Engineering has been continuously growing through the changing market conditions as the company is inclined towards promoting a culture of safety and security in Pakistan. The company has always been keen to provide solutions regarding safety of business equipments and assests, systems, machineries and data centres. He says that the company has never compromised on the quality of their products and have always been keeping up with the international standards.

On a question regarding the current market conditions and the effects caused due to ban on imports, Mr. Rehan said “the current economical conditions being observed due to the ban on imports by the government of Pakistan have surely put a serious strain on the overall market. In this situation, it is a dire requirement and an opportunity for the local manufacturers and working businesses to focus on the quality of their product and get their products to be as efficient as the ones that were being imported which will ultimately fix the imbalanced economical structure of the market and prove extremely beneficial for the locally working companies in general. This is the action plan with which MyTech Engineering has opted to work, aiming for a better future in terms of the success of their company and satisfaction of their customers.”

While explaining the process of after sales services of the company, he said “we have devised a special team for this necessary purpose as the after sales services of a company ensure the prolonged satisfaction of their clients which is a key to being as successful in the market as MyTech Engineering has been. Our team constantly keeps in touch with our clients and responds to their queries and concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible to maintain the comfort of our customers”. According to Mr. Rehan, MyTech Engineering is looking forward to further promote and expand the knowledge of safety and security systems on a small as well as large scale. He said that the company also focuses on the increment of technical know-how of the security systems also arrange lectures and training programs are continuously being delivered to various universities , institutions and industries for this purpose.