Energy Saving Solutions: SMC’s Pneumatic Products and Jubilee Corporation’s Expertise in Pakistan

The energy crisis in Pakistan has significantly impacted various sectors, including industries, hospitals, healthcare, and more. The increasing energy prices have compelled businesses to adopt smart energy-saving strategies as part of their overall efficiency programs. Notably, the manufacturing of compressed air accounts for approximately 20% of the total industrial energy consumption of a mid size industry . Around 70% of the generated compressed air is used in air-blow applications, with an additional 20% lost due to leakages. Addressing this inefficiency is critical to achieving substantial energy savings and promoting a greener environment.

The Importance of Energy Saving

Energy conservation is no longer a choice but a responsibility for businesses and individuals. Implementing energy-saving measures not only leads to cost reduction but also helps mitigate the adverse impact on the environment. Energy efficiency directly translates to lower utility bills, improved productivity, and reduced carbon emissions. Every step taken towards sustainable practices helps preserve valuable resources for future generations. Recognizing the significance of energy saving, SMC Corporation and Jubilee Corporation are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for compressed air systems in Pakistan.

SMC’s Pneumatic Products: A Solution for Energy Saving

SMC Corporation, renowned worldwide for its expertise in pneumatics, has manufactured an impressive range of energy-saving products and solutions specifically designed for compressed air systems. By incorporating these innovative solutions, businesses can realize substantial energy and cost savings while contributing to environmental conservation. The core objective lies in optimizing the efficiency of compressed air systems, which often exhibit poor energy performance. By focusing on these systems, energy savings can be achieved from 5% to 50%.

To enhance energy efficiency, SMC recommends the following measures:

  • Reduce the air pressure to the optimum requirement
  • Size the pneumatic components for the actual performance needs
  • Filter and dry air in an appropriate way
  • Use only quality products
  • Isolate the plant when idle using valves
  • Stop air blow when not needed
  • Generate vacuum using multi-stage ejectors with vacuum switches
  • Where possible, select low-energy consumption components
  • Periodically check the air consumption
  • Prevent and reduce air leaks
  • Use Nozzles and Air Guns for air blow.

Jubilee Corporation: Customized Solutions and Expertise

Jubilee Corporation, the authorized distributor of SMC in Pakistan for the past 40 years, plays a crucial role in delivering energy-saving solutions to a diverse range of industries. With a dedicated team of engineers and technical experts, Jubilee Corporation collaborates closely with industrial personnel to provide tailored and customized solutions for compressed air systems. Their comprehensive evaluation process includes monitoring current energy consumption, identifying leakages, and offering improvement opportunities. By thoroughly assessing the compressed air system, Jubilee Corporation ensures precise measurements, proposes enhancements, forecasts expected savings, and provides recommendations for system maintenance.

To Conclude, In the face of Pakistan’s energy crisis, energy-saving measures are crucial for sustainable development and cost-effective operations. SMC Corporation’s pioneering range of energy-saving products, coupled with Jubilee Corporation’s extensive expertise, offer a reliable solution for industries in Pakistan. By embracing these solutions and prioritizing energy efficiency, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, enjoy significant financial savings, and contribute to a greener and cleaner environment.

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