Two young entrepreneurs at Alam Enterprises out to make stronger Pakistan

An exclusive conversation with Sajjad Alam and Engr. Zeeshan Shamsi

Alam Enterprises was established in 1990 by Late Mr. Aftab Alam (Former Employee of Zelin Pvt. Ltd) as an industrial Automation & Controls, Consultant, Services and Supplier. Since then the company has evolved and they are now the pioneers of air separation units (ASU) & Industrial software development in Pakistan.

Recently Engineering Post had the opportunity to have a conversation with the senior leadership of Alam Enterprises which included Sajjad Alam CEO and Engr. Zeeshan Shamsi Director Sales. These two young engineer & technologist have set their minds on doing something new and bringing innovative technologies to the country. It is heartening to see two young minds working diligently as true entrepreneurs for their country.

During the conversation Sajjad Alam revealed that Alam Enterprises is the first company in Pakistan which has developed the Gas Analyser’s Sampling Conditionings system in House and has the expertise for its installation and commissioning. “Gas Analyser’s Sampling Conditioning system is the essential component in process industry like Power Plants, Cement Plant, Fertilizer Plant & Chemical Plants, etc., process gas sample need to be cleaned by Sample conditioning system for analysis the purity / Impurities in the sample gas stream. Until quite recently Gas Analyser’s Sampling Conditionings system were imported and engineers were also brought from outside Pakistan for its commissioning. Now Alam Enterprises is capable to develop the sampling system in Pakistan and our team of engineers is qualified for its installation and service,” he said. This also saves cost by more than 30 percent for the industries.

Another very important venture Alam Enterprises is also involved in the Erection, Installation, production and commissioning of Air Separation Units (ASU) in Pakistan. Engr. Zeeshan Shamsi Director Sales at Alam Enterprises during the conversation explained that their company in currently the only company in Pakistan which has the ability to install and commission Air Separation Units. “We have developed in-house expertise for the installation of ASUs which means foreign engineers are no longer required just for the commissioning of ASUs and any industry which needs the ASU Plant can contact us and we will provide one window facilitation for everything,” he said.

These two young entrepreneurs are on a mission to change the trends of imports in Pakistan by providing all the products and services locally while keeping the quality at par with the imported products. During the conversation they revealed that the next step they are working towards is exports. Alam Enterprises has been working on developing a software specifically designed for industries which can be customised according the needs of the clients. The software has been successfully deployed in many different industries and is being finalised to be exported to industries outside of Pakistan “Our In house developed software is getting a very positive response. We have installed in almost all sectors of Pakistan including one of the largest MNC Pharmaceuticals, Leading textile, Packages, Automobile & Auto-Parts, Hospitals as well as Other Manufacturing industries. The software is customisable and easy to use and is being prepare for being exported by 2023 to other countries,” said Engr. Zeeshan Shamsi.

In addition to these services Alam Enterprises has manufactured a number of industrial equipment which is not yet being manufactured in Pakistan and is waiting for their certifications to launch these products in the market. It is not every day that we come across people who are actually working to serve the country rather than just making money it is a gut feeling that we will be hearing a lot about them in the near future.