Premier Engineering cementing its position as one of the top Panel builders in Pakistan

A candid discussion with Engr. Ansar Ahmad, CEO of Premier Engineering Services

Premier Engineering Services is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of quality electrification products. Since its inception the company has been known for providing high quality services with no compromise on quality and their list of high end client is proof of their commitment to quality. The company deals in power Factor Improvement Plant,  Motor Control Centre,  Auto Synchronizing / Auto Load Sharing Panel , Process Control Panel, AMF/ATS Panel  Power Distribution Board  Lighting Distribution Board  Feeder Pillar  Low Tension Panel up to 6300Amps  Control Desk Panel and Bus Tie Ducts.

Recently Engineering Post had a very informative conversation with Engr. Ansar Ahmad the CEO of Premier Engineering Services about how the company operates and their goals for the future. Engr. Ansar Ahmad is a graduate of NED University Karachi, the class of ’93. After passing out he had a job for three years before venturing out for Premier Engineering. During the conversation Engr. Ansar Ahmad revealed that premier engineering is moving to a larger manufacturing facility “We are planning to move out of our current manufacturing facility in the near future and will be setting up our manufacturing plant in a larger facility to cope up with the increasing amount of work,” he said.

With dwindling economic situation and rising inflation the average customer has become extremely price conscious with customers demanding lowest price and the highest quality. We asked Engr. Ansar Ahmad how his company is dealing with the situation he said “There is a limit to which we can reduce our prices without compromising on our quality. We have set a threshold and we prefer not to go below it because it will ultimately affect our ability to deliver the highest quality product,” he explained

Another aspect ensuring the success of the company in the market is their adherence to the committed product quality. To make sure that both the company and the client are on the same page the company has the SOP of writing down all the technical details of the product beforehand and handing it to the client this ensures that no unwanted changes are made mid commissioning.

Due to their high standards of work and latest equipment and machinery, Premier Engineering Services is known in the market as the prime manufacturers and suppliers of quality products. In addition to manufacturing and commissioning the company also has a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to provide after sales services to the client if and when required “Our team for after sales services is highly qualified and equipped to deal with any complaint that might come up. Although it is very rare that a complaint is generated as we use only certified high quality products without any compromise on quality,” said Engr. Ansar Ahmad.

Premier Engineering Services has presence all over Pakistan with head office in Karachi and a regional office in Lahore they are able to look after projects all over the country. We have served client in Islamabad, Multan, Quetta, Karachi, Hyderabad and other major cities in the country. We have also had the privilege to serve clients outside of Pakistan. We currently have clients in Tanzania, Mali and other countries as well,” he revealed.