Baig Engineering offering state of the art engineering solutions for more than three decades

Baig Engineering has been successfully working in the field of engineering solutions since 1989. They have been one of the most well-known brands in the field of factory automation and industrial engineering solutions on a national level. The company is focused on providing state of the art automation and engineering solutions on a very affordable price, hence gaining the trust of their customers through reliability and good quality product.

With a very able team of engineers and working crew, Baig Engineering has been a go to company for the clients for assistance of automation solutions for the past three decades. Their vision is the production of qualitatively excellent products and attain engineering solutions in the most affordable as well as good quality ways that meet the international standards. Operating from all across the country, they have consultation offices in all the major cities of Pakistan and so have made easier for the clients to contact and consult the company representatives as easily as possible.

The company specializes in solutions regarding electrical engineering and automation and deals in a large variety of superb quality products including HMI control accessories, low voltage switch gears, diesel and gas generators, renewable energy solutions, VFD, motors, pumps, valves, electrical contracting, lighting solutions, irrigation systems, automation projects and monitoring solutions.

Baig Engineering also offer Engineer’s training, capturing the full Automation including design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance. By fully handling automation, implementation and control of their project their mission is go to assist their clients by providing all of the services under one roof.

Baig Engineering aims to establish itself as an Automation hub by providing innovative and consistently reputed services while maintaining the highest level of professional integrity and by providing cost-effective engineering solutions and consultancy.

The company became an authorized member of Fatek PLC from Taiwan in 2001 and opened their first sales office in Karachi in 2003. In 2005, they got the authorization of Weintek labs. Since then, they have opened sales offices in most major cities in the country, expanding their services on a national level. In 2007, the company opened their affiliate office in Islamabad and became an authorized agent of AC servo motors yeli electric and machinery. They have also worked in collaboration with huge brand names such as Gatro Nova and Pak Suzuki.

The company has been a part of various extremely significant projects including complete automation, monitoring and control systems for GLT tobacco Plant on Siemens S7-PLC, automation of Mark-9 and Mark-8 cigarette making machine, automation and electrification of MnR printing machine, designing the power management system of 750 3KVA diesel generators, design and fabrication of PLC based CNG station controls, automation of Young’s food R.O plant and many more.