Product quality and availability are the two most important factors for success

Engr. Iqrarul Haq sharing the secrets of his success with Engineering Post

Elektrotechnik was established in the year 1982 as the distributor for the products of Schneider Electric in Pakistan. Since then the company has grown to become one of the top distributors for Schneider Electric products in Pakistan.

Elektrotechnik was founded by Engr. Iqrarul Haq who had been working in the field for a while since then. Recently Engineering Post had an exclusive conversation with Engr. Iqrarul Haq to learn from his experience and get to know how he started this company. During the conversation he explained how it all started when he was offered a scholarship in Germany “I completed by engineering as a gold medallist from NED University and was offered a scholarship for postgraduate studies in Germany. There I came 3rd in my class and joined AEG. After working for 6 years at AEG, I was sent to Pakistan as a coordinator for 20 engineers to set up the manufacturing facility of Pak Elektron Ltd. After completing the project I decided to try my luck on my own and established Elektrotechnik,” revealed Engr. Iqrarul Haq.

Since its inception Elektrotechnik has been one of the favourite distributors of Schneider because of their sound technical knowledge about the product range and strong technical grip on the technology being used. The company has grown from a small office to one of the largest distributors of Schneider Electric all because of the struggle and hardwork of Engr. Iqrarul Haq. During the conversation when asked about the current market situation he said “The recent ban on imports has massively affected business in Pakistan because companies are unable to provide adequate stock and projects now have decreased cash flow. Elektrotechnik has been fortunate in this regard because of our stocks but the situation is not very good in the market at the moment,” he said.

Engr. Iqrarul Haq has a vast experience under his belt working in the market. When asked about some suggestions for market improvement he said “I believe the most important factor for improvement is the technical training of engineers in any company. Every company should focus on improving the technical skills of their employees by arranging seminars; workshops etc to make sure that their employees are equipped with the latest knowledge and can handle all the latest products in the market,”

While commenting on the future of Schneider Electric in Pakistan Engr. Iqrarul Haq said, “I see a very bright future for the company in Pakistan basically due to their high end quality and extreme reliability of the product. Their range of products is extensive and technical quality is extremely high for all their products which is why Schneider will always be leader in the electronic products for example our air circuit breakers are the best in the world in service for 15-20 years and still working.,” “Secondly another factor required for growth is the availability of products. Other competitors are also providing good quality but the availability of their products is not that easy which automatically makes Schneider a leader in the market,” he added.