Ravi Switchgear to expand to international markets in the near future

Engineering Post in conversation with Mr Mushtaq Ali, CEO, Ravi Switchgear

Ravi Switchgear Pvt Ltd is one of the leading players in the electrical engineering and solutions market with local manufacturing capabilities. Working as a subsidiary of the Ravi Group, the company was established in 2017 and, since then, has been the most progressive Group of organizations working in the field of electric solutions.

Engineering Post had the privilege of inviting the CEO of Ravi Switchgear Pvt Ltd, Mr. Mushtaq Ali, for an interview. During the exclusive conversation, he explained that the company has thrived since its establishment because of the team’s hard work and no compromise policy on product quality.

On asking about the experience of their growth in the critical conditions of a highly competitive market for the past four years, he said, “Our goal is and always has been the quality of our product. We have only been able to produce efficient results and successful runs for our company by focusing on teamwork and overall discipline”.

The Group has been a part of many major construction and management projects throughout the country. These projects have also been one of the main reasons for their spotlight position in the market. In addition, they have worked in various sectors, including Banking, Healthcare, Textile, Automobile, and Sugar industries.

Mr. Mushtaq Ali, while explaining the reason for the success of Ravi Switchgear, said that the company specializes in switchgear production, low voltage and medium voltage products, and cable management. “We have never compromised on the quality of our product and have been constructing and dealing in switchgear with the highest professional quality that meets the international standards; through the use of the state-of-the-art CNC machine,” he said.

 “He stated that the constant innovation of the products is essential to remain competitive in the market and satisfy the customers’ needs,” when asked about the investment in the R&D of their products.

“The company has been investing 3% on the R&D of their product to keep it under development and progress. In addition, he explained that we have hired extremely qualified and experienced staff to work for the R&D to refine our product with time”, he explained.

When asked about his plans to expand Ravi Switchgear, Mr. Mushtaq Ali said his company plans to start exporting its products to other countries soon. Its manufacturing quality has always been high and meets international standards, and the company is highly confident in introducing its product to the global market. “The overall quality of our product has always been meeting the international standards. We are working to improve further to prosper in the foreign market. The products are currently spread across the local market and are in a final testing phase. ‘We will soon be launching exports, expanding our portfolio to foreign markets, and exporting our product internationally, ” he said.