Dewmak Energy- Redefining the solar energy structure in Pakistan

Engineering Post in conversation with Saqib Mirza, CEO, Dewmak Energy

With the passage of time the world is coming to realize to importance of decreasing on fossil fuels and moving rapidly towards cleaner and greener energy generation sources. The most abundant out of these is the power generation through solar energy. Dewmak Energy Limited is one of those companies which is working in the field of solar energy installation in Pakistan.

Dewmak Energy was set up in 2017, and has been working since than in solar industry as

importer and supplier of the high quality renewable energy products. Dewmak Energy, provides turnkey solutions, technical sales and services for power protection and power generation equipment for all domestic as well as commercial consumers. During an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, the CEO of the company Saqib Mirza, revealed that “the company is working with renowned brands from around the world to provide the best products to their customers Dewmak Energy, is the authorized partner and distributor of Trina Solar, Huawei Inverter, Salicru, and Leoch batteries in Pakistan. Working with these world renowned brands ensures that our customer gets the best products to cater all of their needs”.

He said, although the company had worked in all over Sindh and one of the most notable

achievements for the company was the installation of solar solution at the plant of Diamond

International Limited of 1.8MW in Hub Industrial Area within a short span of 3 to 4 months.

Dewmak Energy, has one of the most robust after sales services and is known for its timely

response and efficient work at site, he added that “Dewmak Energy, is one of the few

Companies which provide replaceable warranty to its customer, moreover our products have the capacity to be monitored online to ensure that it is working at optimal level at all times. In case of any issue our team of professionally trained workers is always ready for on-site visits for quick rectification of problems.”

In addition to this we were told that “Company not only deals with Solar Solution but also in

UPS, we are authorized distributor of invt UPS, and deals in wide range of UPS rating from

650VA to 1500VA. We worked with Industrial sites such as Ceramic Factories, Glass Factories and other processing factories. Our Wide input ranges from 110VA to 288VA, with power factor ranging from 1-0.9. Our Clients include Bank Alfalah, annual service and maintenance of UPS is being provided to them from last 4 years.

Although the market for solar energy has expanded and so the number of companies dealing with it. During the conversation with CEO Saqib Mirza we asked him about the secret behind the consistent success and increasing popularity of Dewmak Energy, in the field on which he replied “We are very particular about meeting our targets on time, our fundamental goal is to ensure timely completion of project according to promised time and the high quality standard we adhere leads to more customers preferring to use our products and services for their projects.

The potential in the field of solar energy in Pakistan has increased massively in past few years specifically due to the increasing awareness as well.

When asked about how CEO Saqib Mirza sees the potential of the market; he said, “We are

seeing that the market demand is very high and increasing significantly and quality of products we are providing in panels, inverters, batteries are doing so well in Industry, he explained”.