The import ban can boost the business of Local manufacturers with quality products

HVAC trends Expo all set to be bigger than ever

An insightful conversation with Engr. Abbas Sajid

The HVACR industry of Pakistan is in its infancy and has been faced with multiple challenges from time to time. When the spread of COVID-19 was at its peak the use of HVAC systems was even discouraged to minimize spreading of infection. After the pandemic was over the stakeholders including ASHRAE Pakistan Chapters and Pakistan HVACR society started arranging Expo’s and conferences to promote the industry.

Currently the HVACR industry is faced with another major problem in the form of import ban by the government. Regarding the solutions for the current state of affairs of the Industry Engineering Post had a detailed conversation with Engr. Abbas Sajid.

Engr. Abbas Sajid has a lot of experience under his belt. He is the owner of a Mechanical Engineering Company by the name of Engineering Services for the last 38 years and is serving as the Chairman of organizing committee for the upcoming conference and expo “HVACR trends”. He is the ASHRAE RAL Nominating Committee Alternate, Member ASHRAE Honors & Awards Committee and Chair ASHRAE RAL Honors & Awards Committee. He has served as the Past President ASHRAE Pakistan chapter, Past President Pakistan HVACR Society (PHVACR) and is an active member as General Secretary NED International Alumni Network (NEDIAN) Association and General Secretary Pakistan Society of Plumbing Professionals (PSPP)

During the exclusive conversation with Engineering Post Engr. Abbas Sajid explained that Pakistan is currently under the effect of a global economic slump which is making conditions difficult for the industry “But as we have seen many times in the past we will make a comeback and we will come back stronger than before,” he said

Sharing his unique perspective towards the problem he said that the current situation can serve as a catalyst for the growth of local industry “I believe that this is the golden time for the local industry to step forward and fill the gap created due to the import ban. We can see that the demand is there the requirements can not be fulfilled through imports and the industry is suffering. The local manufacturers can avail this as an opportunity for growth and come forward with high quality locally manufactured products. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them,” he explained

During the conversation it was highlighted that the blanket ban on all products is a major problem for the HVACR industry as there are a significant number of products which can not be produced in Pakistan right now. This is resulting in massive losses for the industry where ongoing projects have come to a stop and new projects can not be initiated due to lack of availability of various items. While replying to this Engr. Abbas Sajid said “We are already working on a mechanism to differentiate luxury items from essential parts. In this regard i have had meetings with Chamber of Commerce as well as ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter members so that the essential items can be removed from import ban and the industry can survive,”

While speaking about the upcoming conference and expo “HVACR Trends” Engr. Abbas Sajid said “Last time our conference and expo was on a particular technology – VRF. There was a huge response from all the participants and the conference venue was completely packed. This time we are having the conference at a bigger venue. The theme for this year is ‘Reducing Energy Costs at a time of Exploding Prices’ which is very relevant to our present conditions and will attract Engineers, Architects, Builders, Developers, professionals and end users from the Industry.

There will be a sizeable International participation as well at  the Expo and conference. “We have tried to support the local Manufacturers so they can come forward and display their products and our main goal is to support the local industry,”.

At the end of the conversation as a special message Engr. Abbas Sajid said “New players should come forward and work on creating innovative solutions. People who are already in the industry should also consider it a golden opportunity. We can clearly see that the demand is present the expertise is there,  just the will to step up is required,” he said