IMS Electric to become a one window solution provider for local and global consumers

Mr. Hassan Murtaza, Key Account Manager, IMS Electric

IMS Electric (Pvt) Ltd has been steadily growing to become one of Pakistan’s leading firms dealing in Power Generation to Building Management including Security Surveillance and Fire Protection systems. The company aims to start local manufacturing of various electrical equipment used in electrical generation distribution and transmission.

Engineering Post had the chance to have an exclusive conversation with Mr. Hassan Murtaza from HAQ Holdings group who is working as a Key Account Manager at the company. During the conversation he revealed that IMS Electric (Pvt) Ltd is working diligently for ensuring the local manufacturing of maximum parts. In this regard the company has intensified their in-house R&D as well. “We believe in boosting the local manufacturing and decreasing reliance on imports so we are further diversifying our portfolio and intensifying Research and Development to make new products which are not yet produced in the country,” he said.

Even though the trend of local manufacturing is increasing still imports are till now the backbone of the industry because many essential parts are still imported as CKD or SKD. When asked about how the company managed to fulfil orders during the import ban imposed by the government Mr. Hassan Murtaza said “We created a mechanism where we finalised orders and completed all the prefabrication and other components before the imports arrived to save time”.

IMS Electric (Pvt) Ltd is in a unique position because it owns the manufacturing plant previously owned by Schneider Electric (Pvt) Ltd and has also acquired Heavy Electrical Complex from the government. So the manufacturing potential under the company is massive. While discussing the future goals for the company Mr. Hassan Murtaza revealed that the company plans to become a one window operation for all requirements of the consumers “We have expertise in power, transmission, distribution, fire safety, CCTV, automation and other fields which are required by the consumers.

The local manufacturers are faced with many problems in Pakistan which need to be rectified by the government on a priority basis to ensure that this sector flourishes in the future. While discussing some of the hurdles in manufacturing Mr. Hassan Murtaza said “One of the most cumbersome problems in Pakistan is Electricity. First of all availability is an issue then the second problem lies is the high costs. The disruption of electricity disturbs the production process and the high costs render us non-competitive in the international market as our product becomes too expensive to be competitive. The government should introduce subsidies and seriously think about taking steps to improve engineering exports from Pakistan,”

A unique preposition offered by IMS Electric (Pvt) Ltd is the complete project development & execution expertise under one umbrella. The group also achieved CA category license and falls as no limit contractor by Pakistan Engineering council and have the capabilities to execute the complete project ranging from Power generation to distribution including Grid Management system. Mr. Hassan Murtaza said that the main reason behind it is the aftersales service being provided by the company “Our dedicated team of engineers understand the critical issues as well as the challenges of sites.

 Our chairman usually endorsed in the meetings more than 60% of the business we get is our repeat business. It is only because of our market reputations and recognition of our work. Our teams are fully trained about what steps need to be taken to fix the issues. This puts IMS Electric (Pvt) Ltd in a unique position to not only properly execute the projects but also to manage the systems through O&M expertise.”