Aircon Solutions all set to enter the market of ERVs

Engineering Post in conversation with Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique

Aircon Solutions has been a major player in the HVACR industry for a long time now. It is known in all spheres of the market as a reliable company which knows how to honor their commitments to the letter.  The company broadly owes its success to its founder and director Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique. He has worked hard to bring the company to its successful position today.

Engineering Post had the opportunity to have an exclusive conversation with Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique to know about his early career and how he started Aircon Solutions.

Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique started his career in 1967 and joined Zelin in 1976. He was appointed to a technical team but his then boss Mr. Akbar Fazelbhoy saw the spark of sales in his personality and shifted him to the sales team. There he flourished and made Honeywell one of the most recognized brands in the market. The company realized the potential of Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique and sent him to America for training. Within the first three years of his appointment he was promoted to General Manager. “I was known in the market for making exceptionally good proposals and was able to secure a massive amount of business for Honeywell products,” Mr Jawed added.

In addition to an exceptional tenure at Zelin/ Honeywell, Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique has also served at top management positions for internationally renowned companies including Honeywell and Carrier. “After working for 15 years, I decided to start my own company and then Aircon Solutions was established,” he said.

Aircon Solutions is now a well-known name in the HVACR Industry. In just eight years of work history ACS got such strength in the market that it was able to impress the world number one HVACR industry brand Soler & Palau to join hands with ACS. No doubt, the ACS has the potential and skills to handle such a brand. With the expansion and trust of top international brands now ACS has the distribution rights of Holtop ERVs. And Now ACS is entering the market of ERVs.

With decades of experience and respect from all quarters of the market under his belt Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique is all set to launch ERVs from the platform of Aircon Solutions and is bound to be a huge success.

Aircon Solutions aims to serve the clients in three ways for a long-term vision. The three Major goals of ACS strength are

1. High Quality equipment.

2. High Efficiency and Cost effect solution

3. Best practices in after sales services.

There is a lot of conversation in the market for utilizing loyally manufactured products especially since the import ban imposed by the incumbent government. During our conversation we asked Mr. Jawed Naseem Siddique what his views were regarding locally manufactured products. “I believe that until and unless a mechanism for standardization is not introduced the local industry can never grow. Local products tend to have a different size, sound, vibration level etc. Such products cannot be installed for commercial use as their reliability and utility is in question. We need to set up laboratories for ensuring standardization of products only then will the local products be utilized and the industry will truly grow,” he said

The local businesses and small businesses should always be considered because it might mean an honest day’s work for someone. If standardization is put in place the local businesses will also become part of the competition and will truly be able to show their potential in the market.