AMCON’s milestones toward building the strong clients

Mr. Ammad Monus, CEO of AMCON Group

The AMCON Group of Companies is well-known in Pakistan’s HVAC industry. The business has established a strong reputation in the HVAC industry by offering its customers top-notch goods and services, given the flourishing real estate market in Pakistan.

The portfolio of the AMCON Group of Companies has become even more diversified, and it now also includes equipment for firefighting and fire safety.

The company’s strong brands are helping it become stronger every day. AMCON Group of Companies is the exclusive distributor of TCL in the HVAC industry, and it offers the European-standard products Rapidrop and Ebbit for firefighting.

 The CEO and founder of the AMCON Group of Companies, Mr. Ammad Monus, gave an open interview to Engineering Post. The future of the business and these brands were extensively explored. During his explanation of Rapidrop’s performance, Mr. Ammad Monus said:

 “We have introduced the brands Rapidrop and Ebitt which are renowned European brands manufactured according to European standards and is an extremely high-quality products.”

Businesses all around the nation are suffering as a result of the country’s recent challenging circumstances. It gets harder for businesses to land new projects during this time, yet AMCON Group of Companies has been productively operating throughout. When we questioned Mr. Ammad Monus about the key to his success, he responded as follows:

It is only due to ALLAH’s blessings that we are working successfully. Due to the enormous inventory of spares and stock we had available, we have successfully delivered projects while some are in pipeline.”

AMCON has successfully introduced TCL as a strong competitor in the Pakistani market. The consumers have appreciated it after using the product. Up till now, AMCON has installed TCL commercial air conditioners at many prestigious institutions across the country including Chase value center head office, Monarch, SIUT Sukkur, H&M Office, Shahbaz garments factory, Square 9 Islamabad, and many others. These successful projects and many others in the pipeline have helped TCL prove its mettle in the market.

“TCL is vigorously working on the R&D of their product in last year alone the company spent upwards of 5.2 billion USD just on the R&D department and it shows in their product which is why it is becoming increasingly popular in the Pakistani Market.”

Seeing the increasing popularity of its products, AMCON Group of Companies has started to diversify not just its portfolio but also its areas of focus. After serving a large number of clients in the south the company has decided to focus on the north of the country to get a steady foothold all across Pakistan.

“AMCON Group of Companies received the award at the 14th CSR ceremony on Thursday 24rth February 2022.”

The objective of the event was to recognize and promote organizations that are making outstanding contributions to a sustainable future through CSR initiatives. We are proud that AMCON has successfully embraced the sustainable development goals and had always taken initiatives to create a better and more resilient world.

Mr. Ammad Monus disclose that the company has established teams for the northern regions that are seeking to secure projects there. “As the real estate market is growing in the north.”

AMCON determined that now was the moment to expand into the north, and we have begun to increase our presence there. The fact that we are getting projects in Islamabad and other regions of Punjab shows how successful this expansion has been.