Three power projects discontinued by Ministry of Economic Affairs

During the third follow up meeting of National Coordination committee for federal energy sector, Ministry of Economic Affairs declared three current power related projects problematic and advised their discontinuation. The three projects are worth 2.3 billion dollars in total and disallowed to be implemented by the ministry.

During a presentation, Joint Secretary briefed that the federal energy projects comprised of a total share of 3.4 billion dollars out of which 2.3 billion dollars have been deemed problematic. He also highlighted the significance of the federal projects and their benefits in the economic sector of the country.

The three projects include Jamshoro Electric power, Second Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program and the National Transmission Modernization project. All three of the projects had various factors which were questionable and were effecting the progress and efficiency of the project completion overall.

The Jamshoro power project had an issue related to the acquisition of land for ash disposal site. The main problem of second power distribution enhancement program project is the lack of ownership and clarity on its scope. National Transmission Modernization project has a problem with the hiring of consultant and the shortage of staff of PMU. According to the Ministry, the discontinuation of these projects will be better for the power sector of the country in the longer run. Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Additional Secretary, (Power Division), Chief Foreign Aid, Planning Commission, and heads of implementing agencies were a part of the meeting.