The Dilemma of Power Quality in Pakistan

IEEE LUMS & NET-LINE (PVT) LTD conduct technical session

NET-LINE (PVT) Ltd, one of the leading Power Solution companies in Pakistan organized a technical session with IEEE LUMS to raise awareness on the issue of Power Quality in Pakistan. International research indicates that over 25% of Power in Pakistan is lost due to line losses. Companies are bearing financial losses more than billions of rupees annually due to improper power effecting their equipments. Data Centers, Medical Equipments, Industrial continuous process machines are some of the worse effected. The session started with understanding Power Quality and then showing its effects on the output load. The last part of the session discussed the solutions in details specially an Online UPS with three level technology.
Mr. Edward Ong the Area Manager of Socomec UPS which is one of the world’s largest and oldest UPS manufacturers, presented on the occasion. “Even if Pakistan’s supply and demand gap is bridged miraculously, the problems of Power will not go away because of Power Quality. One must look at the entire Power Degradation Phenomenon cycle from our power plants to our equipments.” Mr. Edward stated. He argued that “in Pakistan most engineers, consultants and solutions designers look at the tag price of the power protection equipment like a UPS, instead of looking at the Total Cost of Ownership.” Using a latest animation tools he displayed that a more efficient UPS like the Socomec Green Power 2.0 series can save ten times more the money because it has a Power Factor 1 (kVA=KW) and a 96% efficiency on all modes including online mode.
Vice Chancellor of LUMS – Professor, DR. S. Sohail H. Naqvi speaking on the occasion appreciated the efforts of students, alumni, professionals & experts to come together and discuss such an ignored but critical topic. He emphasized the need of having many more events like this in the future.