MIA Conducts Daikin VRV System Technical Seminar

MIA Group has historically conducted orientation & educative seminars to enlighten the potential users on the efficacies of its products. In keeping with this tradition, MIA Corporation (Pvt) Ltd (MCPL), a subsidiary of MIA Group, held a Technical Seminar on “Daikin VRV System” at PC Hotel Karachi on Oct 25, 2016. The seminar was widely attended by renowned HVAC consultants and architects.

Mr Hamayon Naseer Baig, CEO MCPL presented detailed profile of MIA Group with emphasis on MCPL. It was followed by Technical presentations by representatives of Daikin Industries viz Mr YC Cheng, Manager Technical and Mr Bryan Ong, Engineer Product, who had especially come to Pakistan for this seminar.

The participants evinced keen interest in the innovative HVAC technologies introduced by Daikin Industries and made numerous probing queries which were responded to their satisfaction and helped in further cementing their confidence in Daikin brand.

With the fast growing commercial & architectural developments in Pakistan, air-conditioning requirements are also increasing and with growing attention on efficient HVAC systems, emphasis is to environmental protection in an energy crises scenario.

MIA Group of Companies is the leading HVAC systems provider in Pakistan in both residential & commercial segments. Brands marketed by MIA are known for their quality, reliability and energy efficiency. After success of brands such as Acson and McQuay, MIA re-launched the Global No 1 “Daikin” brand in Pakistan in 2015. Within a short span of time, Daikin is fast leaving behind its competitors in Pakistan.

Daikin Industries Japan; established in 1934, is the only company in the world that produces air-conditioner, compressor and refrigerant. It presently has 210 subsidiaries with 59,179 employees and achieved sales of USD 17.4 billion in FY 2014. During last 14 years, Daikin has grown globally at a fast pace and 89% of its total sales viz USD 15.6 billion comprised HVAC sales.

Daikin believes in innovation and creation and has been striving for energy efficiency in HVAC systems investing USD 300 million on advanced R&D every year for climatic and commercial advancements. DAIKIN is indeed World No 1 in Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) System of HVAC segment through innovation, design & energy efficiency.

Japanese are very quality conscious and it goes to Daikin’s credit that 48% of VRV/VRF sales in Japan are of Daikin. Even in light commercial, Daikin’s share is 41%. While competing with brands of varied nature, Daikin’s multi split & VRV share even in China is 30.2% with Hisense-Hitachi placed second at 17.5% share. Daikin provides one of the widest ranges in the industry with 21 types and 105 models.

VRV is indeed the technology for future. This is manifested by the fact that VRV sales in the world have grown 10 times since 1990. In 2005, VRV occupied only 10% of chiller system but it jumped up to 35% in 2013 in global applied market.

VRV was launched in Japan in 1982 with first overseas sales in 1987. VRV-II (R-22) was launched in 2003 and VV-III (R-410A) in 2006 and VRV-IV (R-410A) in 2013. Key features of VRV-IV include (a) enhanced 3 system line up (new refrigerant cooled inverter power module ensuring stable operation), (b) energy saving (DC scroll compressor using 50% more compression volume with new heat exchanger design and refrigerant deduction upto 30%), (c) ease of installation & commissioning (compact and lightweight) and (d) comfort (large airflow, high static pressure and quiet technology with streamlined scroll fan reduced vibration and pressure loss).

VRV system is penetrating fast into middle and large sized buildings too with automatic control operations and state-of-the-art features such as intelligent management system, tenant specific billing, automatic recording of entire history of malfunctions for review of operational errors and suggestion of corrective measures through internet even from far of distances and many other unique features.

At the end of the seminar, Mr Osman Ashraf, CEO MIA Group thanked the participants for their presence and trust in Daikin brand. He said Pakistan’s HVAC market has immense prospects and in not so distant future, Daikin will be the most popular and dominant brand in Pakistan.