Smuggled tiles overshadowing local production: CEO Stile’s

The local tile manufacturers of Pakistan have urged the government to control the smuggling of tiles so that local production can flourish. The high quality tiles being manufactured in Pakistan can be exported to earn foreign exchange. The Iranian tiles being smuggled in the country are severely affecting the local producers of quality products. Masood Jaffery, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shabbir Tiles said that the government needs to implement appropriate Import Trade Price (ITP) so that the local players can get a level playing field to compete with other players in the market. ITPs of tiles have decreased in the last 12 years in Pakistan, while manufacturing cost has increased drastically and rupee devaluation against dollar is also affecting the business environment

“Reduction in high energy and other input costs along with higher duties and taxes on imported tiles will be a step in the right direction,” he said.

Some new players are planning to enter in the market, but they have some concerns. The government should carefully review the ITPs set for tiles based on the data that can be sought from exporting countries and withdraw the unfair advantage imported tiles are enjoying due to unrealistic valuation.
Recently, a big international tile testing laboratory Centro Ceramico of Italy had tested Stile’s products and certified that Stile is manufacturing tiles that are as good in quality as any product of top tile manufacturers of the world.