Pyramid Automation Seminar on Power Quality and Management Solutions

Pyramid Automation organized a seminar in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore on power quality and management solutions.

A large number of reputed Electrical Consultants, Panel Builders, System Integrators and technical heads from Telecommunication, Textile, FMCG, Cement & power industry participated in Seminar.

Pyramid Automation showcased its new and innovative Products related to Generators Control Systems, Power Protections & Monitoring Equipment, Control and Power Quality Management related different Solutions.

A new range of Advance Panel Meters (APM) & Plastim panel accessories was launched, the participants showed their great interest in the new product range which is exclusive in the market.

Product & Systems presentations were the most interesting part of the event covering;

Deep Sea Electronics (UK) – Generator Control & Protection Systems

Iskra, Slovenia – Energy Management & Power Quality Systems

Fozmula Ltd. UK  – Engine Protection & Fuel Level sensors

Raycap, Slovenia – TCG Technology Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) & Surge Counters

STEGO, Germany  – Thermal Management Equipment

Enerdoor, Switzerland – Active & Passive Harmonic Filters Reactors

Hilkar, Turkey – Harmonic Filters & Reactors

Trumeter (UK) – Advance Panel Meters ( APM) Series

Plastim Elektrik (Turkey) – Panel Accessories & Control Equipment

The event was a big success in the area of power, generators & Utility/Grid Supply Synchronization, Load Sharing and Power Management Systems.

The next level of technologies are aimed to provide the Solutions related to Power Quality Improvement and power management systems with an aim to help the Pakistan’s Local Industry to Improve the productivity & efficiency with the provision of clean reliable power sources.

Shields were awarded to the key customers as a token of acknowledgement & appreciation of their valued relationship.