Incident Board, reporting and root cause analysis system launched

Raihainfosys a sister company of Haseen Habib Corporation (Pvt) Ltd proudly presented the incident board, reporting and root cause analysis system, one window solution for all your incident reporting and analysis issues. In our organisations we use different tools to record and preserve data. Sometimes it is recorded on paper and at other times we use spread sheets and other digital tools. This data helps us keep track of incidents happening in our organisations.  But the problem arises when we have to retrieve data from the past, compare and analyse it to derive a meaningful conclusion. This is where Incident Board can help you.

Incident Board is a powerful, state of the art software system where you can log incidents, analyse them and take appropriate measures to make sure that they do not happen again. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. With incident board you can prevent accidents from happening and take necessary actions to avoid them in the future.

The company’s area of expertise include reporting and analysis of fire incidents, thefts, road accidents, environmental hazards, a security breaches and many others.

Incident Board not only has a detailed dashboard for a quick overview regarding the incidents in an environment but it is also equipped with an extremely powerful reporting module to drill down to the root cause.

Incident board has widespread applications including Industrial Fire and Safety, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Security, Quality Control, Engineering, Environment, Rescue and Emergency Services, Educational Institutes, Railways, Human Resources, Coast Guard , Border Security and much more

The use of Incident Board software system is in fact limited only by one’s imagination.

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