PSDC sign MoU with Italians to promote

The Italian Development Committee has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Pakistan Stone Development Company (PSDC) in the presence of Italian Consul in Karachi, Gianluca Rubagotti. 

The objective of the MoU is to ensure that the two entities shall work to promote economic and commercial ties between Pakistan and Italy in marble sector. The following objectives were agreed upon to identify potential joint venture/ direct investment for investment in marble and granite sector of Pakistan form Italy/rest of the world, identify potential institute and coordination with them for skill development in marble and granite sector of Pakistan and facilitate participation of PASDEC and Pakistani stone industries in Italian trade shows/fairs on subsidies rates. 

The MoU will serve as a cornerstone for both entities to enhance their activities in promoting the marble and mining sector of Pakistan. Pakistan has huge reservoirs but lacks the technological know-how and expertise. With Italian expertise in this sector and the collaboration between PASDEC and IDC, the marble and mining sector of Pakistan can greatly benefit. The Italian Consul Gianluca Rubagotti congratulated the two parties on MoU signing and appreciated the efforts of both institutes to develop this sector.