Projects in different sectors under CPEC umbrella attracted $ 25.4 billion of direct investment during first decade

Engineering Post Report

Time-tested, all weather and time-tested neighbouring countries China and Pakistan are celebrating first decade of launching and successful implementation of great game change and flagship under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China-Pakistan economic Corridor (CPEC) by organizing functions at the appropriate level in Islamabad and Beijing. Negotiations were also taking place at the highest levels  for expanding the  CPEC framework to  more areas in Pakistan as it enters the second phase.

According to the information gathered from the official sources concerned, the projects launched and ,completed and under implementation under the banner of CPEC  were flourishing  in all parts and regions of Pakistan and have attracted  direct  investment of $ 25.4 billion during the just completed first decade.

Gwadar Port, transport infrastructure, energy and industrial cooperation  were the four key areas in which CPEC projects were launched, completed and under implementation and at different stages of completion.. The projects under CPEC framework have so far created 192000 employment opportunities, produced  6000 megawatts of electric power, built 510 kilometers of highway’s and added 886 kilometers  to the core  national transmission network.