Power sector touches circular debt of Rs. 2 trillion

Private Power and Infrastructure Board’s performance 

Engineering Post Report 

The Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) was struggling to embrace the profound    economic changes and associated goals  of access to affordable  energy for the sustainable economy of the country.

According to the information available from the sources concerned, PPIB was well  aware of the existing  challenges  of the energy  sector  and its transformation  needed  for the energy system.

As a long term  vision, PPIB was thriving hard to  respond to effectively  and successfully  meet the growing and changing energy paradigm in the country.

Since its inception in 1994,  PPIB  has a track record of  attracting more around  US$23 billion of investment  with the establishment of 40 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) totalling 18211 MW and a  meg High-Voltage  Direct Current  transmission line project in  the country. This constituted  around  50 per cent of installed  power generation capacity in the country..

Currently, the PPIB was implementing two robust policy frameworks which have market  competitive incentives and simplified procedures for the investors. The “Power Generation Policy 2015” and the “Policy Framework for Private Sector Transmission Line Projects 2015” were launched to attract new investments for development of new power generation  projects and augmentation of transmission  network in the country.

These policy frameworks have so far received overwhelming  market  response,  by attracting many renowned  local and international  investors and lenders,the sources  added pointedly.