NTDC will help KE to eliminate shortfall

A K-Electric team headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Moonis Alvi on organized detailed discussions with top Power Division officials from NTDC and to find a way out in case of compensation in the event of a delay in notification of its tariff. As KE is facing a major shortfall of 500MW that increases in peak, KE team and Power Division officials discussed different options to deal with current power outages in Karachi. It was absolute that NTDC will renovate/enlarge/its conductors at Jamshoro after which additional 300MW electricity will be transmitted from the national grid, with a capital total of 1100MW.  Although, this process will take 7 to eight months but it’s the only way to increase supply immediately. On this estimation, KE has expressed its willingness to experience spending on conductor’s refurbishment and later the amount will be adjusted. The government will give a funding to KE in case the notification of quarterly tariff is delayed. For this purpose, Central Power Purchase Agency Guaranteed (CPPA-G) will calculate the amount of funding so that endorsement can be obtained from the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet.