New bridge on Hub River approved

General Manager of the National Highway Authority, Baluchistan, Mr. Sham Sundar has narrated the orders of chairman of the NHA to work on the proposal for a new bridge on the Hub River on N-25. This bridge connects Sindh and Baluchistan from highway. Speaking at meeting with the president of Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Mr. Ismail Suttar,
he informed about the continuous monitoring of the existing bridge.  The bridge is still safe for use by traffic though the life cycle of material is completed. Due to heavy rains in hub and spill from hub dam, the outer additional support of the bridge piles had been exposed. This NEWS has created genuine panic among the users of this bridge after its broadcasting on media.  The bridge connects the port city of Karachi with chief province of the country up to the border with Iran. Any obstacle while reaching the workplaces would cause heavy losses to production resulting in a heavy loss to the revenue generated by these factories with thousands of workers unemployed. The NHA has started working on the repair of the piles of the bridge, and it has invited proposals from contractors to start repair work within a few days.