FBR makes “Smart video surveillance” mandatory for production units

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made it compulsory for manufacturers of locally-produced products to install video surveillance equipment at the manufacturing premises for electronic monitoring of production of finished items on real-time basis. In this regard an SRO 889(I)2010 has also been issued to amend the Sales Tax Rules, 2006. The system reporting should be capable to filter and process the production data for statistical and analytical purposes and the system should ensure secure data storage and archiving of data for five years from its generation or recording.

The equipment offered by the vendor must have high definition video camera and sensor that can record and count the production; the ability to weigh the product contained in bags; the ability to integrate with the software recommended by FBR which will be used for transmission of data to central control room.

According to the details the system must also be capable of sending alert messages and trigger alarms, visible and audible, in case of occurrence of abnormal events such as unauthorized stoppages of production, tempering with equipment and camera etc.