A to Zee Switchgear Engineering

Market expansion, current progress and future prospects

An Exclusive interview with Mr Jawed Zaman from A to Zee Switchgear Engineering (SMC – Pvt) Ltd.

A to Zee Engineering Services was established in 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan. In the last 26 years the company has evolved according to the customer requirements and is now known as one of the most sophisticated switchgear and panel board manufacturing company in the entire country.

Due to their superior quality and fast pace of work A to Zee switchgear has managed to pick up a large chunk of market share of switchgear manufacturing.  The company has earned the trust of its customers and consultants by providing the best quality available in Pakistan. One of the main reasons for their success is the increasing trust of consultants on the quality and reliability of products. Moreover the company takes special measures to procure raw materials in advance. This substantially reduces the production time after order is received as the raw material is already available.

Mr. Jawed Zaman during a recent interview with Engineering Post revealed that even in this time of economic crunch, A to Zee switchgear is one of the few companies which are performing very well. To cater for the enormous volume of work, the company is planning to expand their manufacturing facility. “We have decided to establish a larger manufacturing facility on a huge plot which is more than 2000yard in size. This will not only increase our manufacturing capacity but also increase the efficiency of work,” he said

Currently A to Zee Switchgear is working on a number of projects and more are in the pipeline. The main reason for this massive inflow of work is the top notch quality and excellent delivery time provided by the company. Their recent ventures include provision of switchgear to Kasim Textile, Young’s food, ASRTO Flims and ACT Polyos. Many projects are in the pipeline ready to be finalised by the mid of this year.

Recently A to Zee Switchgear was declared channel partner by Schneider Electric for their type tested switch gear. By the first week of March 2020, A to Zee switchgear will most likely deliver its first order of type tested switchgear to Artistic Milliners.

Mr Jawed Zaman during the exclusive interview with Engineering Post further said that A to Zee Switchgear has always believed in utilizing the most modern and up to date machinery for the manufacturing of products. In this regard the company has acquired the latest CNC bus bar machine which will arrive by the end of February 2020. “The CNC busbar machine will further reduce the delivery time of products and at the same time enhance the quality of products,” he said.

Owing to the colossal success of A to Zee switchgear some rivals have started spewing hateful and negative claims regarding the quality of products produced by the company. For all those people Mr Jawed Zaman has provided special message. “Anyone who wants to verify the quality of our products is welcome to come and check it by themselves. All our import bills as well as other related quality documents are always available for verification to anyone who wants. The floor of A to Zee switchgear is always open for potential customers to visit and see the process first hand because, seeing is believing.”