Mian Ahsan Ali, MD Powerzone Engineering & Services  shares his vision with Engineering Post

Local industry should start reverse engineering to offer cheap solutions

Mian Ahsan Ali, MD Powerzone Engineering & Services  shares his vision with Engineering Post

Powerzone Engineering and Services was founded with the aim of providing complete power backup solution at an affordable price. Currently Powerzone Engineering & Services is providing Perkins & Cummins Generators in all the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad etc. Powerzone’s Automatic Power Diesel Generators are the best quality generators in Pakistan. Powerzone can provide top-notch generators in Pakistan at the cheapest possible.

During An exclusive talk with Engineering Post, Mian Ahsan Ali Managing Director Powerzone Engineering and Services shared his insights regarding the future prospects of engineering sector in Pakistan. “I believe that it is the need of the hour that we start taking decisive steps to overcome our shortcomings. Our main focus should be to work towards increasing exports of the country. First we have to change our mindset only then we can hope to elevate our status” he said.

Mr Mian Ahsan Ali explained that by being a dynamic and growing business, Powerzone Engineering has created a vibrant environment for its people and associates. “By meeting customer’s needs and challenging our people, we envision becoming preferred and the most influential power partners in Pakistan.” Overall the generator and power backup market is worth $23 billion globally. This goes to show the huge potential of this business

Pakistan has the upper hand over other markets in the world because low cost labor is abundantly available in the country. This decreases the overall cost of production in the country and creates a lucrative business opportunity for the people. With little support from the government Pakistan can lure in international organizations to establish manufacturing plants in Pakistan providing billions of dollars’ worth of revenue to the country. During the conversation Mian Ahsan revealed that “Plenty of companies want to establish their manufacturing plants in Pakistan to take advantage of cheap labor and produce economical products. But due to the unstable economic conditions of the market and lack of sufficient support from the government these companies are not willing to take that leap of faith. The negative propaganda from the media is not helping either.”

During the conversation, Mian Ahsan provided a brilliant idea for the future prospects of engineering. He said “Under the current scenario what the local industry can do is start reverse engineering the products currently available in the market and start producing them in a lower price range than original following the strategy of Chinese.”

Powerzone Engineering and Services has started to opt for innovative solutions for the problems being faced by the industry. During the exclusive interview Mian Ahsan revealed to Engineering Post that Powerzone Engineering Services has imported specialized fabrication machinery from Chinese sources to produce international quality fabrications in Pakistan. “Our capabilities now include production of all kind of fabrications including sensors canopies, panels, electrical panels etc.” he disclosed

Mian Ahsan said that he and his company were very optimistic for the future of the country in general and the engineering sector in particular. He said that he had learned from his teachers and elders that “In life there is either success or learning. There is no concept of Failure”

In his concluding remarks he said that the workforce of the country needs to work particularly on their work ethic “We will only start progressing the day we start working properly for our goals. In our current 8 hour jobs we work for a maximum of 3 hours and waste the rest of the time. This attitude not only damages the institution but also begs the question; will any such earning be Halal or Haram?”