Major LSMI output declines recorded by PBS

The average overall output for Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (LSMI) showed a decline by 16.5 percent on a month to month basis in July 2022 whereas on an year to year basis, 1.4 percent decline was recorded comparing the month last year. The data was recorded earlier by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

According to the data released by the Bureau, the following items contributed to the main overall growth of -1.4 percent, garments (4.4), iron and steel products (0.6), furniture (2.2), chemical products (0.6), cigarettes (-1.7), cement (-2.8), and fertilisers (-0.7).

On a year to year basis, the following products showed a decrease in production, food, textile, tobacco, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, non-metallic mineral products, and automobiles whereas the production increase was shown by wearing apparel, paper and board, iron and steel products, and furniture.

The sectors showing growth on an year to year basis include wood products (0), paper and board (0.5per cent), iron and steel products (0.6per cent), beverages (0.02 percent), wearing apparel (4.4per cent), leather products (0.1per cent),  furniture (2.2per cent), and other manufacturing (football) (0.1per cent) whereas the declining products comparing the same span were recorded as follows, pharmaceuticals (2.2per cent), rubber products (0per cent), non-metallic mineral products (2.4per cent), fabricated metal (0.1per cent), computer, electronics and optical products (0per cent), electrical equipment (0.1per cent), machinery and equipment (0.3per cent), automobiles (0.3per cent) and other transport equipment (0.2per cent), food (1.2per cent), tobacco (1.7per cent), textile (0.5per cent), coke & petroleum products (0.4per cent), chemicals (0.1per cent), chemicals products —-(+0.6per cent) and fertilizers (0.7per cent).

There was a decline of 5.2 percent in the petroleum products, a negative growth of 7.4 percent in high speed diesel whereas the furnace oil production witnessed a growth of 9.6 percent along with jet fuel oil production growing an estimate of 49.6 percent. Kerosene and cement production witnessed a negative growth of 34.9 percent and 41.9 percent respectively.