DP World Dubai to set up industrial park in Pakistan

The chairman of port terminal operator and Dubai based global logistics DP World, Sheikh Sultan bin Suleman, recently landed here in Pakistan to visit the areas affected by flood after the hazardous monsoon rainfall season witnessed by the country. He assessed the damages caused by the climate disaster and showed his support. He highlighted mainly that he was very eager to set up industrial parks in Pakistan to take full advantage of the business and trade opportunities present in the country.

The aim of setting up an industrial park is to attract investors on a global level by providing opportunities and enhancing the trade experience of the country. This will also be helpful to cushion the flood related damages as acres of crop and property has been affected. The chief DP World also acknowledged the potential of business and investment in Pakistan as he has already been working on operations of a container terminal in Karachi.

While addressing about his plans for the industrial park setting in Pakistan, he said, “The vision I have is to open industrial parks in Pakistan which will be equipped with modern infrastructure. Human resource is no problem in Pakistan as the country has many highly educated engineers, who will work in these industrial parks”.

He also said that he had plans to assist the country financially in coping with the flood disasters. “Pakistan is facing unbelievable disaster and the media is unable to show the scale of the disaster, so I have personally come to see with my own eyes. We want to show it to the world. The news about natural disaster is a wake-up call for everybody and we are committed to reduce the carbon footprint in our area,” he said.

He also remarked that the climate change issues will be discussed upon and put forward in every international forum and the UAE government will plan the best ways to assist Pakistan in these circumstances.