Hybrid-working model to save electricity

The federal government has reportedly prepared an energy conservation plan including hybrid working model. The plan includes a four-day work from office and one-day work from home. If the proposed plan is implemented correctly, the estimated saving is around $ 1.5 billion per annum through implementation of immediate proposed measures and $ 2.730 billion in medium term measures. In the continuity of decision, the awareness campaign of water and energy conservation will also be launched. Obviously, the Energy crisis is a grave menace to the peace, tranquility, and economic life of Pakistan, considering this, the Executive Authority of the Federation has decided to stand extended to give directions to the provinces to prevent the menace. As per the rudimentary estimate, by adopting hybrid working model, annual saving would be $ 535 million, as this mechanism will save 348 million litres of gasoline (petrol) and 291 million units of electricity. Banning incandescent bulbs/replacement by energy savers/LED bulbs, it will save energy 30,000 -TOE, with an estimated cost of $36 million per annum. This measure is required for an investment of $2.54 million. With solarization of public offices, a saving of 1,000 MW of electricity is estimated; whose cost will be $148 million per annum.