Construction material testing lab set-up

A laboratory has been set-up by the Ministry of Housing and at the site of low-cost housing project of Alipur Frash. The sole purpose of the laboratory is for the government employees to test the quality of construction material. This will not only help testing the material used in construction work, but also save time of the laborers working on the site. The excavation work for over 27 blocks has been carried out and the raft has been prepared in three blocks while a steel cage for columns was developed for 16 blocks to be established. Under the project, a total of 2,400 flats were planned to be constructed out of which 400 flats were reserved for rehabilitating dwellers of Katchi Abadis (slum areas) of the federal capital. Currently, around 1,000 workers were deployed on the project site and the workforce would be increased from 3,000 to 5,000 in coming days to expedite work on the project. Ministry has been taking various steps to facilitate low income people of the country by restarting stalled schemes, constructing new apartments worth Rs109 billion.