Karachi to get 4 Rapid Bus Systems

According to the statement given by commissioner Karachi Mohammad Iqbal Memon “In the city of Karachi, in the coming 12–18 months, four rapid bus transport systems will be operational in the city and hundreds of new, modern buses will be added to the fleet and the state of public transport will be much better after that”. Briefing at the meeting of FPCCI, he shared that regardless of 24/7 operational working, the city had to suffer on account of monsoonal rains this year. As the patchwork of the remaining roads will be completed at the earliest in the city in general and in the industrial areas in particular, the importance of an efficient liaison mechanism with the business community will boost the process. President FPCCI, Irfan Iqbal Sheikh added that Commissioner Karachi should play his role in the commercial & economic development of the city through productively utilizing his enormous powers and putting multitude of departments under his supervision to work. As the dilapidated infrastructure; deteriorated water & sewerage system; poor solid waste management & disposal; insufficient civic amenities and ever-worsening law & order situation has discouraged and disheartened the business, industry and trade community of Karachi like never before. Shabbir Mansha, VP FPCCI, expressed his profound concerns that despite being the contributor of upwards of 60 percent of the total revenue, the metropolitan city is still deprived of a decent public transportation system and roads are chronically ill-maintained. He demanded that commissioner of the city should take charge of all the developmental work of the city to ensure timely completion of ongoing projects.