EDB urges NTDC to purchase local equipment

The National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) and power Distribution Companies (Discos) have been urged to purchase electrical equipment form local approved manufacturers rather than opting for imported products.

General Manager (SGD/Tariff), Engineer Khuda Bakhsh has penned down a letter stating that the EDB has been receiving several representations from the local manufacturers of the Electrical Power Equipments (EPEs) that the locally manufactured EPEs are not being given due preference in procurement process despite the fact that these equipment are approved by NTDC or the Discos.  

It is being said that due to some influential elements the NTDC and Discos are passing over the locally manufactured EPEs and imported products are being given preference.

According to the EDB, the government is striving to save the outflow of each penny of foreign exchange, particularly, in the present deplorable state of foreign currency reserves; NTDCL /Discos are also aware that the government is seriously focusing on “Make in Pakistan” strategy to substitute the imports and reduce the trade deficit. In view of hardships being faced by local suppliers, EDB has requested NTDCL and Discos to prefer the procurement of locally produced EPEs considering the provisions under SRO 827(I)/2001 and encourage the local industry while ignoring the influential elements and deceptive representations of traders/agents.