Light-Gauge Steel (LGS) Structures By Mr. Mushfiq Rahman, Director, Pakistan Insulation (Pvt) Ltd

In Pakistan, Light-Gauge Steel construction is the future for commercial buildings that do not require a very high load on them. Light-Gauge Steel has many advantages over conventional methods i.e. wet construction. The primary one of which is that due to not having any wet ingredients, such as concrete, the entire construction process is much less logistically complicated. There are other aspects of Light-Gauge Steel Structures that help with their logistical ease. The first of which that is being mentioned, aside from it being a completely dry construction, is that all of the parts are pre-made and can easily be transported to wherever they need to be constructed.

Light-Gauge Steel Structures also have other advantages to them. As they are made of light-gauge steel, they are earthquake resistant, which is particularly useful in the Northern Parts of Pakistan, which tend to be more earthquake prone. They can also be built at any time of the year, even in places with harsh winters, which is something that is also quite useful in the Northern Parts of Pakistan.

They are also less costly than conventional methods of construction. One of these reasons is light-gauge steel is 20% lighter than hot-rolled steel, which saves material costs. As all of the parts are pre-made and are easy to assemble, less labour is also required as opposed to conventional construction. This also saves costs as there is a lower chance of last-minute changes being needed to be made during the construction process, which can add to construction costs.  They are also much more time-efficient than conventional methods of construction, costs are saved in the sense that time is also saved.

Light-Gauge Steel Structures, particularly the ones made by Pakistan Insulations, can also be less costly in the long-run due to, in accordance with international standards, our Light-Gauge Steel Structures coming with Rockwool Rigid Board Panels installed in between the two dry cement boards. This gives the Light-Gauge Steel Structure insulation, which can help reduce energy costs by up to a third.

Another advantage of Light-Gauge Steel Structures is that due to it being a completely dry construction, the construction process does not produce nearly as much of a mess as wet construction. This is particularly useful when using Light-Gauge Steel Structures to increase the number of floors, especially for buildings with relatively weak foundations. With a floor extension made out of Light-Gauge Steel, the owners of the building can still use the building, without having to worry about the mess the extension would be causing, because there is very little mess. This is in stark contrast to wet construction, in which the property would become practically unliveable until the floor extension was completed.

We have made LGS structures for Dow Medical, Aga Khan Educational Trust and Bahria Icon and many others.