Leader with a vision at the helm of PHVACR Society President Ramzan Sharif shares his roadmap for the future of the HVACR Society

The Pakistan HVACR society recently held elections for the new governing body and Mr. Ramzan Sharif was elected as the new president of the society in a smooth transition.

 As President, Mr Ramzan Sharif will be responsible for guiding the society, and its members, to new heights till 2025. President Ramzan Sharif, engaged in a compelling conversation with Engineering Post, shedding light on the soaring expectations vested in the society’s members during his tenure.

With a legacy as the previous chapter chairman, his past work has raised the expectations from all members regarding the society’s future trajectory, marking this tenure as an unparalleled opportunity for him and his dedicated team.

“Being a part of this society since 2004 and actively involved in various organizational bodies has given me a unique vantage point. I’ve had the privilege of observing global entities and discerning the areas where we need to progress here. I will use that knowledge to ensure the progress of the society in the right direction,” Sharif reflected, outlining a vision poised to elevate the society’s standing.

“We’ve meticulously studied the aims and objectives of our society, and now, it’s time to bridge the gaps where we lack,” Sharif affirmed, displaying an acute awareness of the challenges and potential avenues for growth.

While acknowledging the seamless operations currently in place at the society which are efficiently working, Mr Ramzan Sharif stressed that the society’s core focus will be on providing opportunities for comprehensive self-development. For our members we will ensure that such environment is maintained which is conducive for personal growth. “Our prime aim is to ensure holistic progress of our esteemed members and dedicated staff. I am fully committed to this journey of growth,” he declared with unwavering determination.

A pivotal facet of Sharif’s strategy lies in cultivating a culture that nurtures continuous learning and growth. “Our aspiration is to establish robust training and coaching programs within our offices, transforming them into centres of learning that facilitate both technical expertise and personal development,” he elaborated, emphasizing the vital role this would play in serving the society.

To cater the diverse needs and skill levels within the society, Sharif outlined plans for tailored training programs. “Customized coaching will be the cornerstone of our strategy, serving varied skill levels and requirements within our membership,” he highlighted.

Recognizing the evolving nature of the society over three decades, Sharif highlighted the need for updating and improving the bylaws of the society. He advocated for a structured membership system based on dedication and tenure with the Pakistan HVACR society which results in seniority and the ability to hold higher offices at the society. “At the time of its formation in 1993 the bylaws were sufficient , a few minor amendments were made since then  but now after 3 decades the time is ripe for a radical shift in order to improve the bylaws of the society,” he said.

In order to promote innovation and progress, Sharif proposed initiatives dedicated to research and development. “Engaging academia and encouraging collaborations with commercial members will be instrumental in driving innovation within our field,” he affirmed, underscoring the society’s commitment to technological advancement.

 Another agenda of President HVACR society is that fresh graduates will be provided with internship in different organizations. All the members of the society will be asked to dedicate at least one work station at their organization for internees from the HVACR society. This will provide exposure to the interns and helped them job placement here and abroad.

A fundamental aspect of Ramzan Sharif’s agenda revolves around nurturing local industry and promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ products. “We’re exploring collaborations and joint ventures with international entities to bring technology home. Simultaneously, we’re keen on supporting cottage industries and organizing small scale expos to showcase and uplift local manufacturers,” Sharif articulated.

The idea of small-scale expos is very unique and interesting as the main objective of such events is huge and inclusive but Mr. Ramzan Sharif shared a very distinctive perspective regarding this “Our main goal is to promote locally manufactured products but the problem with small scale manufacturers is that they avoid expos considering it an extra financial burden rather than an investment. To include those small and local manufacturers we will arrange small scale expos with minimal expense at every major city, in a bid to stimulate their interest and to help them showcase their products to the customers”.

During the conversation he revealed that the team at the society has also been tasked with compiling data of all locally manufactured products. “Our aim is to compile the data about all products being manufactured locally in soft and hard forms. This will ensure that any customer, who wants to buy locally manufactured product or searching for the same will be able to access the whole database at the PHVACR society website,” he explained.

Moreover, ensuring a robust digital presence for commercial members is also a pivotal focus for Mr. Ramzan Sharif. “Investing at in-house resources for webpage development will enhance visibility and accessibility for our members which means that our platform will offer webpage development for our commercial members who do not have an online presence yet.” he emphasized.

A very positive vibe from President Ramzan Sharif is that each and his every project or idea of revolves around inclusivity and novel ideas. He understands the importance of unity in the society and is focused on mending ties with disgruntled members of the society “I’ve had long standing relations with many members of the society. Some of them are a bit indignant at the moment but I am committed to mend the relationship as a first priority because I believe my personal relationship with these people takes precedence over any position or status” he added.

As President Ramzan Sharif articulates his visionary strategies, the roadmap ahead promises a comprehensive transformation, poised to elevate Pakistan HVACR Society to an unprecedented height. This change and improvement are not only limited to the growth of the institution but extended to members and everyone working for the society as well. This transformation rests on the pillars of panoramic innovation, and a resolute commitment to the holistic development of members and society at large.