Afzaal Malik envisions digitalisation and growth for PHVACR society

A candid conversation with Mr. Afzaal Malik, Lahore Chapter Chairman for PHVACR society

Mr. Afzaal Malik, Lahore Chapter Chairman of Pakistan HVACR Society, in an exclusive interview to Engineering Post, shared insights into his goals and initiatives aimed at fostering growth and engagement within the HVACR community.

During the conversation Mr. Afzaal Malik said that his primary goal as the chapter chairman is to boost memberships within the Pakistan HVACR Society, a mission he views as pivotal for the society’s outreach to the industry. To achieve this, he outlined strategic steps, emphasizing collaboration with the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and direct outreach to industries. The society plans to personally engage with industries, inviting them to society offices for presentations and other activities. “To increase our reach, it’s essential to establish strong ties with industry players. The Lahore Chamber of Commerce will play a crucial role, and we are actively pursuing direct engagements with industries to enhance their involvement,” Mr. Malik affirmed.

Furthermore, Mr. Malik envisions a proactive role in nurturing the next generation. As part of this vision, he aims to organize technical training sessions for students and facilitate industry visits to provide them with practical exposure. Engaging existing members remains a priority, evident in events like the Cricket Gala, a family-oriented affair that brought members together. Additionally, the chapter has been hosting technical seminars and lectures featuring renowned scholars and industry leaders, all provided free of cost to enhance member participation.

In the quest for digitalization, Mr. Malik highlighted the society’s strides in utilizing various platforms. Zoom sessions now host technical seminars, offering flexibility for members to access valuable insights remotely. Notably, the Pakistan HVACR Society plans to issue certificates for technical seminars, recognizing and incentivizing participation.

The ongoing effort to digitalize membership data nationwide demonstrates a commitment to efficiency and accessibility. This comprehensive initiative ensures that the society’s resources and opportunities are available to members throughout Pakistan.

Anticipating the upcoming HVACR Society Expo in Lahore, Mr. Malik underscored meticulous planning and refinement in marketing strategies. An executive council meeting is in the works, focusing on online booking and a seamless experience for expo participants. Notably, the scope of engagement extends beyond HVACR industries to include allied industries, broadening the impact and collaboration within the sector. “We are gearing up for a comprehensive expo experience this year. Learning from previous endeavors, we are committed to delivering a better expo that not only caters to HVACR industries but also involves allied industries associated with the HVACR sector,” Mr. Malik stated.

Highlighting the emphasis on promoting locally manufactured products, Mr. Malik expressed the society’s dedication to enhancing the “Made in Pakistan” section at the expo. This strategic move aims to showcase and uplift locally produced items, contributing to the growth and recognition of the domestic industry. “We are putting our best efforts in promoting the local manufacturers especially ones making high quality products for the industry,” he said Moreover this year the Pakistan HVACR society is planning to approach the allied industries for the PHVACR expo to showcase their products as well “We want to engage people who are not directly related to the HVACR industry but play a role in it in some way like for example circuit breaker manufacturers. We want this expo to be a gateway to everything related to the HVACR industry for all participants and customers,” he explained.