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JUBILEE CORPORATION Introduces New Series of Power Analyzers from Lovato Electric

Jubilee Corporation (JC), together with LOVATO Electric – one of the leading specialist manufacturers of Low Voltage Electrical Devices, has been offering a comprehensive solution for energy management in Pakistan for almost three decades. JC has introduced Lovato’s recently launched New Series of Power Analyzers from Lovato Electric in Pakistan.

The new series models (DMG-7000, DMG-7500, DMG-8000 and DMG-9000), come withwidescreen LCD color display while maintaining the standard model dimension of 95*95 mm. The measurements are displayed as waveform graphics, polar diagrams, and harmonic spectra up to the 63rd order, thus offering everything needed to analyze the condition of the system. The new series Power Analyzers have a standout feature of intelligent programming to configure and set parameters even when the device is not powered on.

With its wide range of communications options, these power analyzers offer seamless integration with energy supervision systems to provide complete analysis of all vectors. Available with RS485 and Ethernet ports, up to 3 expansion modules can be used to add supplementary inputs, outputs and communications ports.

These power analyzers offer full spectrum energy management providing the option to combine digital and analog inputs for field parameters like gas and water consumption, fluid tank levels, temperature, pressure and many others to be integrated in the system. All measurements are extremely accurate and certified for compliance with the international standards for measurement instrumentation, including: IEC/EN/BS 62053-22 (class 0.5s), IEC/EN/BS 62053-24 (Class 1) and IEC/EN/BS 61557-12 (Class 0.5). JC provides a wide range of Lovato Electric products and solutions in the market including energy meters, synchronization controllers, automatic transfer switch controllers and power factor controllers and industry 4.0 compatible energy management software.