Faisalabad Chapter increasing awareness about the HVACR sector in Faisalabad

A conversation with Mr. Javaid Iqbal, Chapter Chairman, Faisalabad

The 27th HVACR expo organised at the Lahore International Expo centre has been the centre of attention of the whole industry for the past few months. The expo which was organised after facing delays and postponements for more than 2 years proved to be one of the biggest HVACR expos in history. The success of the HVACR expo is primarily owed to the extensive hard work by the team of Pakistan HVACR society. The whole team including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad chapters worked day and night to make this mega event a success.

Mr. Javaid Iqbal, Chapter Chairman Faisalabad Chapter during a recent conversation with Engineering Post revealed how everyone at Faisalabad chapter had been playing their part for the Expo “Faisalabad is an Industrial area and is in close vicinity to Lahore so we have been engaging the industrialist is the area to ensure their participation in the HVACR Expo. The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce was also kept in the loop to increase participation of the businessmen of the area,” he said.

While speaking about the expo he appreciated the work put in by the society especially by Lahore chapter for the HVACR Expo “The team has worked very hard to bring the expo to completion especially the Lahore chapter and its chairman Mr Ahmad Naeem Chughtai. They are the people behind the success of this expo,” he said.

Mr. Javaid Iqbal is known in the community as a hard worker focus on working on the weaknesses of a sector and improving them “We realised that there is massive lack of awareness in this area about the HVACR sector so we decided to work on it from a grass root level.  Now we arrange presentations and Industry visits for the engineering students so when they step foot in the industry they know something about the HVACR sector,” he said.