AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd taking the HVAC industry by a storm

AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd is an HVAC solution provider working in the market since 2016. The company works exclusively for the industrial, commercial and semi commercial sector. The company employs a team of highly skilled, professional Engineers, Supervisors and technicians having extensive experience in the HVAC industry. They have notable accomplishments in many aspects of Commercial and Residential HVAC design and execution of Projects.

AG Tek with its specific expertise and experience has developed an extensive resume of Design, Application and Execution of Commercial HVAC projects. Although a relatively new entrant in the market AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd has solidified its reputation by providing efficient and reliable products to the local consumers leading to repeat customers.

The success of a company relies substantially on the quality and reliability of the product being distributed by them. AG Tek has made its name in the market by providing highly efficient HVAC solutions for the consumers which has led to its massive success. Owing to the quality of products and work, AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd has attracted a large number of clients in Pakistan. Since its inception the company has successfully installed more than 20 thousand tons of HVAC systems in Pakistan working with leading names and industries of the country. Some notable names include Parco refinery, Unilever Paksitan, Muller and Phipps, Genome Pharma, GNN studios, Khattak Mall, Al Ghani Mall, Gold Crest Mall, High street mall and many others.

AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd is the official distributor of Coolex and Chigo (Guangdong Carrier Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Company) in Pakistan. Coolex was developed in 1986 following RIC’s technical collaboration with international industry leaders York. A true pioneering accomplishment, Coolex was brought to the Kuwait market as the only air conditioning manufacturing company in Kuwait. It has been developed to provide its best output at an ambient temperature of 54 degree centigrade which is optimal for regions like Pakistan. Chigo (GCHV) on the other hand is the well-known (Guangdong Carrier Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Company) company established in 1994. It is a modern professional AC manufacturer with a business line of designing, R&D, manufacturing as well as distributing both residential and commercial AC domestically and internationally.

Both these products are perfectly suited for the environment of Pakistan due to their reliability and consistent performance. Mr Afzaal Malik, Director AG Tek while talking exclusively to Engineering Post said “From the very first day our main objective was fulfilment of commitments to our clients. From product specifications to delivery time we have always focused on complete satisfaction of our clients which has significantly helped build our trust with our clientele,” he explained.

AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd provides all types of chillers to their clients including Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, and Direct/Steam/Hot water fired Absorption Chillers, Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers etc. Once a client is engaged with AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd he is assured of the highest quality services that are provided with the highest standard of engineering and technical support so that the client can focus on other matters.

During the conversation, Mr. Afzaal Malik said “For 2022 we have made ambitious targets and have marked our goals according to the present capacity of the company so that we can maintain the quality standards our company is known for,” he said.