Haier Pakistan planning to set up VRF manufacturing plant in Pakistan

A candid conversation with Mr. Salman Saleem, Head of CAC Department, Haier Pakistan

Haier Pakistan is a Leading Home Appliances Brand offering a broad range of Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Air Conditioners at good prices in Pakistan. The company has also cemented its name in the commercial air conditioning market with its state of the art VRF and Oil Free Centrifugal chillers.

Despite the competition present in the market Haier Pakistan has is constantly increasing its market share and growing by leaps and bounds. Engineering Post had a candid discussion with Mr. Salman Saleem, Senior National Manager Commercial Air conditioning Haier Pakistan regarding the future goals of the company. He revealed that Haier Pakistan is rapidly working towards increasing localization and domestic production of HVACR products. “The company has decided to establish a local manufacturing plant for VRF. This plant is expected to become operational within the next 2 years after which we will bring to the market locally manufactured VRF plants in Pakistan,” he said. This is a commendable initiative especially after the blanket import ban imposed by the incumbent government in order to promote made in Pakistan products.

The products of Haier Pakistan are being appreciated all across Pakistan due to their high end quality and premium feel in addition to reliability even in extreme conditions. Due to the quality of their product the company has been able to secure some huge project of chillers, VRF and light commercial AC. Some notable projects include MG Motors (1,300 Tons), Interloop Hosiery (300 Tons) and Aims Hosiery (150 Tons). Amongst them there are some big VRF projects as well including Lecole School project, Ramada Hotel (220 Tons) in Gilgit and Ali Riaz Malik House (350 Tons) in Bahria Town and Metro CCR Building (359 Tons) in Multan King Edward Medical University and HICO factory. While commenting on the progress of the company Mr. Salman Saleem said “Haier has grown to become one of the largest distributors of commercial chillers VRF and Oil free centrifugal chillers in Pakistan due to the high quality and a significantly lower price point our products have gained massive popularity among the customers,” he said

In order to further promote the sales of commercial air conditioners in the country Haier Paksitan in setting up a unique display center specifically for commercial air conditioners where the complete range of commercial ACs being offered by Haier will be on display “We are establishing a one of a kind display center for commercial air conditioners at Emporium Mall Lahore. At this facility the customers will be able to see and experience the commercial and domestic air conditioning products first hand,” said Mr. Salman Saleem. Until now there were display centers of domestic products only but Haier Pakistan is taking the initiative of establishing a display center for commercial products as well. While speaking about the 27th Pakistan HVACR Expo Lahore Mr. Salman Saleem said that it is a very positive development that the expo is being organized after a gap of more than two years “Due to the COVID 19 restrictions and other hindrances this expo had been postponed till now but now that it has resumed it will have a very positive impact on the companies dealing with HVAC products,” he said.